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What members like about our Chapter

1.  Because of their military background, they share a common experience with their fellow members.

2.  We are a nonpartisan co-ed organization.  We could not get along without our spouses.  They take part in all aspects of chapter life.

3.  We have a program that people seem to enjoy:  we do not ask new members to do anything...except have lunch or dinner together six times a year in some fine restaurants and enjoy each other.

4.  We have grown more than seven-fold in the last fifteen years.  We were 73 members then, and today we are over 170, making us one of the larger chapters in Pennsylvania.

5.  We usually have about 70 plus people at our luncheon and dinner meetings, so we are able to attract interesting speakers that members enjoy.

6.  We meet at exceptional places, including the Media Heights Golf Club, Lancaster Country Club, Bent Creek Country Club, Gordinier Hall at Millersville Univ., etc. that offer unusually fine food and ambiance.

7.  Members receive an award-winning newsletter every other month, telling them about what their fellow-members are doing and what events are coming up.

8.  Dues are minimal, only $15 a year.  Or, we have a 3-year membership for $40.  Dues cover minor expenses like newsletter, postage, and beverages at our summer picnic and December Christmas party.  Dues also pay for an annual $1,000 scholarship offered to an outstanding military-related high school senior who is college bound.

9.  Our chapter supports military projects and organizations that get little, if any, support from the general public.

10.  Our members have much in common, and they warmly welcome new members to our chapter family.

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