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Surviving Spouse Information

● Chapter bylaws now state that surviving spouses are exempt from paying $25 annual chapter dues. Surviving spouses also assume full active chapter membership on the date of their spouse's death, should they wish to continue this active chapter membership. Contact our membership database manager, Jerry Link, with questions or concerns.

● Surviving spouses who are continuing active membership will also receive the bi-monthly chapter newsletter by providing a current email or mailing address to our newsletter editor at (717) 471-6817. As active members, surviving spouses are always welcome to attend chapter meetings and activities.

● If the deceased spouse is a MOAA National member and the surviving spouse wishes to continue MOAA National membership, there are three avenues open:

(1) if the deceased spouse has a fully paid-off Life membership, it is transferred to the surviving spouse at no extra cost.

(2) if the deceased spouse is a Premium member, the surviving spouse receives a complimentary premium membership for one year on top of the remaining deceased member's active membership. Once the membership approaches the expiration date, the surviving spouse will receive renewal notification and will have the option to continue membership. Premium membership cost for a surviving spouse is $43 for one year, $73 for two years or $97 for three years.

(3) if the deceased spouse has a Basic membership, there is no transfer of membership.

● The chapter's surviving spouse liaison point of contact is Susan Collins, who can be reached at (571) 216-4701. Susan will gladly assist our surviving spouses with any questions or concerns they may have.

● MOAA National offers useful and informative publications from their website. Click this MOAA National website to access: MOAA National and then click the down arrow to "I am a" and select surviving spouse, and select "View Resources." Susan can assist in obtaining any of these following references:

Survivor's Checklists -a short but critical list of important phone numbers to contact on a military member's passing.
Survivor's Planning Guide-a before death planning document.
Your Guide to Military Burials-covers Arlington and State National Cemeteries.
Turning a Corner-a helpful giude which explains the five stages of grief.
Help Your Survivors Now-a guide to planning ahead.
Family Planning Document-a planning guide that helps families organize important information.




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