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Serving the Community

Adopt-a-Kid/Adopt-a-Vet Program

Our Adopt-a-Kid/Adopt-a-Vet program was initiated in 2001 by the Lancaster Chapter. The program was adapted from a similar program started by a veterans group in Florida.  Grade school aged children in grades four through six participate in the program.  The program is held twice a year, in the spring around Memorial Day and in the fall around Veterans Day.  For each event, our members who have volunteered to do so, visit pre-selected schools together.  There, each vet meets with his or her own group of students.  The vet tells them what it is like to serve in the military, some experiences he or she had that might interest students, and the importance of what our military has done to maintain the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  The youngsters then ask the vet questions they have prepared in advance.  About a month later, the vets return for a second and final visit.  Many schools choose to make the return visit an assembly for the entire student body with patriotic songs, poems, and skits. 

Parade Support

Members of the Lancaster Chapter participate in and support local community parades with a military presence.  The chapter currently supports the Millersville Community Parade in Millersville every October.

ROTC Support

The Lancaster Chapter supports the Army ROTC Detachment at Millersville University.  The chapter provides some funding for projects and equipment needed by cadets and not covered by the Army or university.   Chapter members also attend events sponsored by the detachment as speakers or presenters.

Speaker Bureau

With over 300 members, the Lancaster Chapter has a wide range of member expertise and experiences to draw from in providing speakers to local clubs and civic organizations.  Chapter speakers are most active at Memorial Day and Veterans' Day events in the community.

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