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Member Rosters

There are three member rosters listed below that have been made available for member use.  They are: (1) full member names and addresses roster, (2) member names only roster with dues paid thru date and (3) member names with e-mail addresses roster.   The first roster lists member names, addresses, and phone numbers.  The second roster provides only member names in alphabetical order followed by a two digit number indicating the year through which that member's dues are paid.  If that year is 23 or higher, then that member dues are current. If that number is 99 (surviving spouse) or 98 (deployed active duty mbrs), they pay no dues.  The third roster lists known e-mail addresses of our members.

All rosters are password protected.  If you do not know the password which is required to open the rosters, please contact Tom Bender, our webmaster, at 717 471-6817 or e-mail at and Tom will provide you with the password.  You may down-load the rosters to your hard drive for later review if desired.

To open any roster, simply use your mouse and left click the roster you wish to access listed below:

(1) Members with addresses, & phone numbers (updated 1/1/23)

(2) Member names with dues paid through year (updated 1/1/23)

(3) Member e-mail addresses (updated 1/1/23)