Why snowbirds may not get their newsletter


Most of us live in our own houses. When we move to a temporary address (when we go to Florida for the winter, for example), we let the post office know, and the post office forwards our first class mail to us. Although our newsletter is sent bulk mail, the post office forwards it just like first class mail, because we use the magic words “Forwarding Service Requested” below the return address on the newsletter.


We recently learned, however, that it doesn’t work that way for those of us who live in retirement communities.  Our newsletter is handled like first class mail in being sent to the retirement community’s mail room. From there, it’s up to the mail room to distribute mail to the community’s residents.  If they were to forward our newsletters, they would have to provide a new label, cover the bar code, and put on the appropriate postage.


So, if those of us who live in a retirement community want to have our newsletter forwarded to our temporary address, it’s important to see if and how our mail room will do that.  And, if not, whether they will hold newsletters for our return.  


One of our Willow Valley residents recently wrote from Florida to ask that we change our database to his temporary Florida address.  We could do this but the onus will be on the member to keep the chapter informed of each address change.  Our experience is that members forget to pass on any address change.  Easiest solution would be for each member to check with their mail room to see how newsletters are handled.

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